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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  March 23, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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parts of pennsylvania dealing with thunderstorms. we are looking at the cool side of the system right now. you have to keep a close eye on the mountain thunderstorms. they could produce large hail and damaging wind. >> remember, you can track the weather using our interactive radar. this is all in your control at >> tonight, the world is remembering the legendary elizabeth taylor. the actress died after congestive heart failure. at times, her personal life was a great drama. she was the star of more than 50 movies. >> with her striking movie -- beauty and violet eyes, she was the epitome of a hollywood icon. >> he is the last of that
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classic star arab -- era. >> when you think classic hollywood, you think elizabeth taylor. what she started when she was just a teenager. to star in /on legendary pictures. she earned five academy award nominations and won two oscars. she was the first woman to earn a million dollars for a film. >> at the time, it was absolutely gigantic. >> on screen, her life is just as dramatic. >> there was more drama than most of the films. >> married 8 times, has the number 6, u.s. senator john warner. >> her heart and soul were just as beautiful as her classic
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face and majestic eyes. >> it was her romance to richard burton that created a media frenzy. >> they would -- there had never been stars that big and romance that famous. >> in 2009, she mourns the passing of one of her best friends, michael jackson. in her later years, it was for charity work for aids research that kept her going. she was hospitalized with congestive heart failure. she will be remembered for her beauty, generosity, and grace. >> there is much much more on elizabeth taylor and her there are photos and an interactive timeline. look at her movie clear and
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invite you to vote for your favorite. late breaking news from hartford county where a police officer is charged with sexually abusing a minor. the officer has been abusing a child since last september. he faces a fourth degree sex assault and second-degree assault charges. hear what the commissioner has to say. >> we are learning for more about the stabbing that killed a city worker over the weekend. they are hoping that someone will identify someone responsible for the murder. they have released photos. >> the investigation is in its thursday and police say they are talking with friends, family members, and witnesses to this crime but they need the public's help in order to deal with this. these surveillance photos show the crowd gathered at the shell
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station just after 2:00 sunday morning. that is where david mclaughlin jr. was fatally stabbed. he was out with the three friends. around closing time, they got into an altercation with a group of people and left. >> we don't think that they were being followed. -- we don't think they knew that they were being followed. >> there was a big group of people waiting for them. >> there was carloads of people, most likely four vehicles. the victim is confronted, he defends himself. at one point, he is in an altercation with an individual and another individual walks up and stabbed him numerous times. >> he later died at shock trauma. his family is devastated. in the last few years, he had gotten his life together and work hard as a street sweeper
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for baltimore city. >> he used to always tell david that you have to learn how to walk away because people delphi fear anymore. people will fight with guns and knives. >> police are looking for information from the public and these pictures of the people of interest. >> we're asking anyone that might have information in regards to with what went on at the club, maybe something that occurred at the gas station parking lot. >> if you have any information, you can call the baltimore city police. >> authorities have now identified the teenager shot and killed in the baltimore highlands neighborhood as 17- year-old keon dobbs. he and a group of teenagers got
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into an altercation at about 3:00 in the afternoon. police say they are conducting interviews with several persons of interest but so far they have made no arrests. a man is dead after a to alarm fire in northwest baltimore. after controlling the blaze, fire fighters say they found the unidentified man unconscious on the second floor. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> tonight, a special tax increase for a beer, wine, liquor is on the table in annapolis. the committee heard a bill that would phase in the tax over three years. we go live inside of the state house with more. >> this tax is considered a compromise to the drink proposal and supporters of field because it would be phased in, it would
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be less painful approach. what is good for the sea is apparently okay for maryland. the city of washington poses a special sales tax on alcohol. they are following the lead as they consider a bill to phase in what is being billed as a modest tax hike. until now, efforts to modify the alcohol tax have focused on raising the excise tax at the wholesale level. advocates use compromise as a victory even though the revenue generated will not go to specific health care programs. >> it would not be earmarked the way that we are proposing it but we are hoping that the administration would use the money for these health care needs. >> with the exception of delaware, all of the surrounding states impose a sales tax on alcoholic beverages. the rate would go to 7% for
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fiscal year for 2012. 8% for fiscal year 2013. it would be 9% for 2013 and beyond. >> about $90 million once it is in place. >> the state comptroller's tracks gallons of alcohol sold so it will cost the state $187,000 to register the new tax rates. retailers will have to make programming it just sends -- programming adjustments. it might result in an 8% decline in liquor sales. >> you have to look at it on both the short and long term, what will be the long-term benefit and the fact that it is phased in. that strategy is to mitigate any type of drastic changes. >> the senate president expects this to pass his chamber and he considers the tax increase
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modest. >> is re the police are blaming palestinian militants for a bus stop bombing in jerusalem. -- israeli police are blaming palestinian militants. no one is claiming responsibility. this comes amid a surge in violence between israel and hamas. this is the first time that jerusalem has been hit by an attack like this since 2004. the defense secretary confessed that no one is able to predict the outcome and libya. john boehner is demanding that the president outlined in the u.s. goals in the north african country. . >> as president obama and his family left latin america ahead of schedule, the air assaults in libya continues. these are british fighters. a british air tankers refueling
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other coalition airplanes. >> u.s. pilots are flying 45% of the mission. muammar gaddafi's forces are taking heavy hits from the air. on the ground, rebel forces are losing territory, unable to reach 8 towns that once held. could khaddafi's survive -- could gaddafi survive? maybe. >> there is a number of possible outcomes. no one is in a position to predict them. >> secretary clinton says the air war is succeeding. >> many libyans are safer because the international community took action. >> not good enough, says that a key republican critic. >> they have said that this is not a humanitarian mission. that is nonsense. if this is not to get rid of
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gaddafi, it makes no sense. >> president obama has vowed not to send in ground forces. the fighting could drag out. a pro gaddafi libyan news anchor brought a rifle on the show without knowing that the coalition and the rebels will be beaten. gaddafi should give up leadership and leave libya according to the secretary of state. >> so much for staying in partial on the anchor desk. certain amounts of the call i have landed it menu items on the recall list. -- certain amounts of e coli have landed menu items on the recall list. >> health care reform turns one year old today. what does it mean for you? we will bring you the latest. >> a local system is prepared to
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>> a homeless youth shelter is hoping to give baltimore used a stable environment. -- youth a stable environment. the deputy commissioner has given the force 22 years of service and is the highest- ranking female officer in the department's history. she received $2,500 and will have her name added to a commemorative plaque in the city hall rotunda. >> in tonight's medical alert, it has been a conundrum. many experts say to eat fish because it is good for your arch but then mercury was linked to heart disease. -- good for your heart but then mercury was linked to heart
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disease. >> this is coming back on the menu after studies cost many people to order chicken instead. researchers were not convinced that the risk of mercury outweighs the benefits of protein and healthy fat packed into each catch. >> the real question is whether they should be avoided by everyone or just by women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant. >> harvard turned to data from two large studies it. they looked at the mercury level of the participants and compared that to those that develop heart disease. >> for the general population, there is no link between fish and the higher risk of cardiovascular disease. >> mercury occurs naturally in notions but it also comes from pollution. large fish like shark and mackerel have the largest amounts and they are not recommended for pregnant women or young children.
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studies have shown high mercury exposure could affect the brain of a developing fetus but for the rest of us, fishes recommended. >> two servings per week with at least one or both being a dark meat is a great target. >> this is the target worth shooting 4 for a heart healthy diet. >> the researchers say that some already have signs of heart disease. blood test revealed that obese use had more inflammation and metabolic abnormalities than their peers. while all of the children tested have overall poor diets with similar amounts of fats, they ate your servings of fruits, vegetables, dairy products. there might be some scientific proof behind comfort food
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delivering. researchers did several experiences -- experiments where people wrote about their feelings. many people were able to write about their funk. while this is emotional support, there are a healthy meal choices. -- there are i'm healthy meal choices. >> we are under a severe thunderstorm watch back into the mountains. there are some big storms coming through this hour. there is some thunder mixed in with that. this is tracking through the west virginia panhandle. a stronger storm system in parts of pennsylvania. these are ruling to the east of pittsburgh.
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the weather service has been issuing all kinds of warnings. this particular one is producing a tornado and the weather service has issued a tornado warning. this is moving east at 50 miles an hour. this is an indication that there is quite a bit of energy in the storm's coming out of the west. if you have been outside, it has been a dreary day and that might protect us from the strongest of these storms. in this area, strong to severe thunderstorms are possible. strong wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. some areas are under a tornado watch. it is only 45 degrees in
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baltimore but it is 67 as you get down to virginia. on this boundary, that is where the strong storms are developing. this should weaken the storm quite a bit. these are encountering the more stable atmosphere. this indicates a fairly strong line of storms rolling through baltimore and pushing through the lower eastern shore. we have to keep an eye on it to see how severe the storms are. the cold air follows the storms and you start to see some snow mixing in with the rain. this wet weather pattern might end in a wintry mix. the emphasis on potential for severe storms.
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low temperatures in the 30's and 40's. this is the front that will come through with the thunderstorms and i sure in the unseasonably cold weather. if we get any rain or snow, it will give way to posh toward clearing and sunshine in the afternoon. the weekend, you start to see the next form organizing to the south and west. this could bring a wintry mix into our area. partial clearing, northwest winds will make 40-49 feel more chili. waves around 3 feet. the seven-day forecast is in from the mid to upper 50's. 44 for the high on friday. by saturday night into sunday, a
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chance for some rain. temperatures will stay in the 40's monday and tuesday of next week. >> still ahead, the new technology that parents can use to keep their teenagers from driving distracted. >> what the record low could mean for the fragile economy. >> scaffolding dozens of feet above the stage. we will show you what is being done to make opera fun for generations to come.
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>> some bad news on the housing front. new home sales plummeted to the lowest number in decades, a drop of nearly 17%. >> experts say this is not a good sign. >> new home sales took a dive in february falling nearly 17%, the slowest place on nearly 50 years. the drop shows that the housing
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market is struggling to find a solid ground. >> this is a concern for the fragile recovery in housing and this puts the risk of another turnaround in housing. >> this is the third straight month of declines for new-home sales and nationwide, the median price of a new home has dropped. analysts say if new-home sales don't pick up in the spring, it could begin to have an impact on the overall economy. >> if we see this extended into the spring season, we will see a real hit at the economy. we will see people not needing to buy that new refrigerator or appliance. >> in addition to new home sales, a wave of foreclosures is dragging down the market along
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with a backlog of existing homes up for sale. >> still ahead, a look at the top stories including new concerns of radiation from japan's disasters. >> the next time you go into the orioles' game, you're likely to taste a difference. >> people at and school programs could be on the chopping block in and around the county.
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>> you are watching wbal-tv at 5:00. >> it looks like some drastic cuts could be on the way for anne arundel school children and employees. they are looking to cut 15 million from the budget. >> it turns off -- it turns out that layoffs are not added the question. -- it turns out that layoffs are not out of the question. >> there was a meeting between the school superintendent and the county executive. school officials say no program is off limits, even those which support the classroom. they fear that the biggest cuts would be made to staff which make up 8% of the budget. >> you cannot make that kind of cut without touching people programs.
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we are looking at every single department and program to see where we can come up with this money. >> cutting staff members would lead to larger class sizes and that might not sit well with some anne arundel county parents. >> i think that this is pretty dangerous. you never know where the cuts will be. right now, they don't have many teachers anyway. >> for now, there might be a few options. in a memo from the superintendent to the principles and staff members, he warned that furloughs and layouts were real possibilities and impacting present employees is all but unavoidable. the cuts could start at headquarters before reaching schools and critical programs. >> i think that we need to work together to find ways to support our children in and around schools. where there is money, we need to make sure that education is not the place that we make those
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cuts because that is the future. >> -- are leading the charge to change the minds of the county executive and counsel. >> john leopold told us that he plans to increase the budget this year. the funding pay increases for staff administrators is unsustainable in this economy. >> tonight, the chief prosecutor's are weighing in on the controversy over the john hopkins school of life pigs for training. some are comparing this to other animal cruelty cases. >> the one thing i would say is that we treat both of those cases as we do all of our cases that come with us with the same degree of aggressiveness and fairness in making our decisions. with respect to the two brothers who are accused of dousing a pit bull with gasoline, in our
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opinion that is a straight forward animal cruelty case. >> they are investigating whether they are violating animal cruelty laws. you can see my full interview this coming sunday at 11:30. >> here is a look at some of our other stories. police are hoping that surveillance photos will turn up leads in the deadly stabbing of 20-year-old david mclaughlin jr.. they were taken at a shell station just after 2:00 in the morning. anyone with any information is asked to call the police. the nuclear crisis continues in japan as radiation is found in water and food. the higher than normal levels of radiation were found in 11 types of vegetables as well as tap water. the radiation levels are not dangerous to adults but they do exceed the safe levels for
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infants. there is a shortage of bottled water in japan. it has also been found in milk near the crippled nuclear plant. >> the health care reform act that republicans call obama care celebrates its first anniversary today. it aims to provide health care for everyone in america and it is the subject of very heated debate. >> one year after president obama signed the historic health care reform, disagreement over the loss -- laws are as healthy as ever with the republicans looking to appeal. >> we will try to make sure this is never implemented. >> there are five legal challenges in federal court. >> our legal team is confident that the bill is on solid constitutional grounds.
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>> along with controversy, for many there is confusion. nearly a quarter of americans thought that the law had already been repealed, it has not. where do things stand? much of the law has much -- has yet to go into effect. there are provisions that allow children to stay on their parents' plan until age 26. preventive care, and a rebate to help cover the dough knothole in drug coverage, a tax credit for small businesses. >> businesses employing over 3 million people will be able to take advantage of that right away. >> some of the last popular provisions such as the individual mandate compelling people to buy insurance or face a fee by 2014. that provision, central to the constitutional challenge, leaves the future of the affordable care act and certain even as some celebrate its first
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birthday. many states have mounted some kind of legal challenge. as for the timing, one of those cases should make it to the supreme court during the next term. >> tonight, an abortion-rights group in south dakota are threatening to sue after the governor signs an unprecedented bill into law. >> some people just don't handle rejection very well. the allegations against this 92- year-old after a neighbor refused to give her a kiss.
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>> a string of anthrax attacks in 2001 could have been prevented according to a panel experts commissioned by the justice department. they said that the army failed to follow up on signs of illness. the report obtained by the ""l.a. times"," said that reports should have raised red flags.
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they think that more careful scrutiny would have prevented the biologists from having access to anthrax. south dakota has now the longest waiting time before going through an abortion. the governor signed a bill which requires women to wait 72 hours before having an abortion and also counseling at pregnancy centers that are aimed at convincing them to not have an abortion. some say that the unprecedented waiting period is burdensome. >> they said they wanted more time to make that decision. they putilled that politics aside. >> that lot is set to take effect on july 1st but abortion rights groups say they plan to challenge the law. >> more than 160 illegal immigrants are in custody at --
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in custody for criminal offenses. the government was not enough to deport illegal immigrants, some have complained. about 130 of those arrested had criminal records. a 92-year-old woman in florida is a rest after opening fire on her neighbor's home. she wanted a kiss and he would not give her one. she was infuriated by the rejection so she got her gun and fired a barrage of bullets into his home. she is charged with aggravated assault. >> we will tell you which cellphone carrier is hoping to crack down on distracted drivers. >> how netflix will soon offer stuff you have never seen before. >> tasting some of that great a ballpark food. that is one the stories coming up. >> severe thunderstorms moving
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through the mountains and a thunderstorm watch in effect for parts of maryland. the latest
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>> here is a look at what we're working on. debate on the state budget as underway. we will have details on possible cuts, transfers, and the increases. police need your help in finding the murderer o i'm gonna use less honey. i'm gonna text less. well, i'm gonna use less bath tissue with charmin!!! [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft you can feel good while using less. charmin ultra soft's ultra-cushiony design is soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ahh, using less never felt so good.
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[ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go. >> going to watch the orioles at camden yards, it is not the
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game, it is the food. >> this year, there is a new food service at the park. >> lots of meatballs. >> when you tell me there is free food, you don't have to tell me twice. today, there was a press conference at tandem yards. a delaware sports service is a new partner. >> we are passionate about the food. i am passionate about making sure we have quality food and service. >> the best part of the press conference was not the press conference but all of the free food. who better to sample the food than me? >> there is huge amounts of crap. >> everything we do is from scratch. i also have a lot of local flair
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and flavor. we went out through baltimore. we went around to see what is hot in the city and we brought those to baltimore. >> this is what you would get at a top restaurant. >> this is a friday served on a nice bunch. >> that's good. >> my friend will be back with barbecue. this year, he has some new ships. >> this route is a route that i developed back in '92. >> i carefully moved from the food station to food station. >> this is hash brown with pepperoni, sausage, onions. >> after an hour of eating, i am happy to report that the food at
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these games will be better than ever. i think i will take a nap. >> you just want to take a nap after watching him eat all that food. you can get a seat inside. a virtual tour is on our website, you can also share your own photos. >> we have been keeping a close eye on strong and severe thunderstorms west of baltimore. east of the mountains, a more stable air mass. some of these storms are pushing into hagerstown and are about to get into frederick county. you can see the strong storms now in the hagerstown area. it will not be long before they
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are pushing through. keep an eye on that. those are the strong storms up in the mountains. a stronger system in parts of pennsylvania, we have been keeping a close eye on this particular cell that they have been monitoring. it looks like that system will again have to be monitored as it makes its way across the southern tier of pennsylvania. it looks like the cool air will weaken these. there is a very nasty line of storms through parts of the ohio valley, pence a valley -- pennsylvania. only for hundreds of an inch measured have been stuck in the 40's. as long as we stay in the cool
5:48 pm
warm air mass, watching it extends to west of baltimore back into allegheny county. the farther west you go, the warmer and more unstable the air mass becomes. up there, there is a winter storm warning. this is in northern pennsylvania and southern new york state where temperatures have been hovering around freezing. we are on the cool side of those things. it is kind of chili are around here. these will be here around baltimore city 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. this is followed by cold air in pennsylvania. this is to the north. a little bit of what snow or
5:49 pm
sleet could mix into the rain. for the evening, it is the threat of a thunderstorm. overnight lows dropping between 36 and 33 degrees. this tracks right across maryland, dragging the front as well. even though they will clear tomorrow night, we will see a lot of sunshine, it will be much more chilly then you would expect. as you go into the weekend, this is a new storm going to the south and west. the spring is on hold. a rain snow mixture in the morning tomorrow then partly cloudy in the afternoon. temperatures just 44-49. a mixed bag of rain and wet snow. they have a severe thunderstorm threat and then it turns when to read tomorrow. showers around the bay and then 46 in the afternoon.
5:50 pm
this same scenario on the eastern shore. temperatures will try to get closer to 50. friday, sunshine, 44. in the evening, a chance for rain and wet snow. even then when that the parts the area, temperatures will remain normal throughout the middle of next week. -- even when that leaves the area. >> in the consumer alert, four reported cases of e. coli have forced the recall of baloney. packaged seltzers regular beef produced in december are on the list after recall was reported -- after e. coli was reported. the company that hit it big by granting dvd's by mail and streaming movies into the home
5:51 pm
is about to move into territory reserved for television networks. netflix will begin to release some of their own original content. >> netflix started with dvd rentals by mail. last year, their movie streaming option, on big time with as many as 20 million subscribers. >> overall, they had been on a huge role. they have played the cards well. >> their newest card is actually a house of cards, that is the title of a political drama that they planned to launch next year. kevin spacey will start in and produce what will be their first original series. >> i think that this is certainly a big gamble for netflix. >> the move comes as their dominant position in streaming delivery faces new challengers.
5:52 pm
>> it really sets the company apart in what is becoming an increasingly crowded field. >> changing the menu of offerings could lead to changing their press subscription model. >> if it will cost more money to create original content and acquire more content, then it might have to charge its subscribers more money. >> the original content introduces them to a challenge that television networks face, enticing people to watch. >> by investing in a big budget productions, to have to maybe wonder if they're going off course. >> they are looking for a solid foundation to future growth. >> a new application from sprint can cut down on driving. it would allow some exceptions for up to three contacts.
5:53 pm
they will have a web site to whoever is paying the bill so they can configure the phone. >> $304 million, can you even imagine? that is the jackpot for the mega millions drawing. no one hit all the numbers last night but one lucky person did purchase a ticket worth $250,000. the numbers were1-14-35-50-53- 43. worth $101ackpot is million. will the issues important to use survive budget cuts in the state? baltimore police are using their latest weapons bust as ammunition for tougher gun laws. >> what you see behind me is a quarter of a million-dollar fire wall protecting the theater from
5:54 pm
all construction going on backstage. we will take you behind the scenes to show
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> renovations are under way at the performance center. >> this will bring back full- scale opera for the first time in three years. >> the historic lyric theatre protected by a quarter of a million-dollar fire wall where
5:57 pm
massive renovations are under way. the performing arts center is in the middle of a million-dollar renovation project that is weeks ahead of its october deadline schedule. treasures have been uncovered. >> we have discovered a lot of things including windows from the 19th century. we found a variety of newspapers and materials from the 19th century. it is amazing what we have been able to locate and in what could shape it is in. >> this is an additional 20 seat that will allow sets like never before. >> you don't have to make an adaptation to what we have here. also, the intermission will last a very long time because you have had to do a lot of manual
5:58 pm
work to change the set. now, it will be much easier. >> for the first time since 2008, full-scale opera will come back to the lyric. >> we will have an opera from mozart. then we will end with faust. baltimore is the only city that can provide if the grand opera and that is a miracle. >> the lyric continues to be a leader in bringing comedy shows here in addition to its community outreach program. the artistic director says that work here now poised to exciting times ahead. >> this has been the home of opera in baltimore for generations. >> that is all for us at 5:00. >> here is a look at what is coming out for 6:00. >> a fight over the budget.
5:59 pm
>> police need your help to find who killed a city worker over the weekend. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal news at 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> house debate in annapolis. if you are pleased with the proposed budget plan, republicans do not believe that the cuts go far enough. we go live to annapolis with the latest. >> the budget under discussion is balanced with tax increases. before this evening, republicans would try to cut or otherwise tweak the budget drew as many as a dozen amendments. >>
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